Ingenuity in Action

We believe human ingenuity can solve the most complex problems in the global market. We invest in people who change the world.

Truly Global

We occupy a strategic footprint across six continents to ensure the most efficient technological advances and most responsive service to our customers.

Localized Innovation

We empower global teams to lead the development of their own markets through collaborative, creative and nimbly executed strategies.

Our Story

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Our Story

DMC is a growth company dedicated to building a family of technical product and process businesses serving the global energy, industrial and infrastructure markets. At our core, we are a dynamic group of skilled and determined problem solvers. We employ equal parts technical expertise and creative thinking for engineering efficient solutions that improve our customer's performance and life-cycle costs.

Our Markets

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Our Companies

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The DMC Family

The DMC family of companies serves a growing network of worldwide customers operating in the energy, industrial and infrastructure segments of the global economy. Through our companies we offer a platform of expert solutions for meeting a diversity of challenging needs.

We manufacture and provide a leading-edge portfolio of products and processes in the areas of explosion welded clad plates and products, oil and gas well perforating systems and welding and machining services, while continuing to pioneer new technical innovations for our target markets.

DMC consists of a global network of production facilities and sales and distribution centers.  Our global footprint is critical to successfully meeting the demands of our customer base.

Performance Highlights

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Our People

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