Goes Beyond

DMC invests in long-term partnerships that help companies continually innovate and execute on disruptive ideas that advance the industries they serve. 

DMC Global



Investment and Growth

Our strategic investment criteria and future-focused partnership approach are designed to deliver superior returns.

We invest in businesses that are

  • Established leaders in their industries

  • Agile, innovative and asset-light

  • Well-run with strong management teams

  • Differentiated in their industries

We maximize cash flow, returns and growth through

  • Financial discipline

  • Operational excellence

  • Discerning investments

  • Technology, product and market development


Goes Beyond

It takes more than capital to realize what’s possible.

We believe in long-term, collaborative partnerships and trusting relationships. We celebrate the brands we partner with and empower portfolio companies with capital, operational and strategic resources to act on daring ideas that advance the industries they serve.

partner with DMC

our team


We believe the most valuable expertise comes from listening, learning and evolving.

The DMC leadership team offers broad market knowledge and works side by side with portfolio companies to tackle challenges, facilitate new opportunities and maximize stakeholder value.



Culture and People

We challenge people to innovate, excel and transform business through their work. And we engage our best resources to help the people and business of DMC thrive.

We stand by our word and own our decisions. We are fair in how we treat customers, peers, partners and the communities we work in. We treat our company like it’s our own.

We believe being a part of one team, one community. We count on each other to do our part. We stand by one another when things are tough, learning from our failures and celebrating together when we get the job done.

We are entrepreneurs, with the courage to act when we see something that needs doing. We believe in pursuing the right path forward, even if it’s the most difficult one.

We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere and remain open to new ideas. We are proud of our work and how it helps our customers, but are never boastful.